If you’re here, it means
you’re ready to start creating
the freelance life you want

I’m here to help you do it


Master Yoda with better banter

(actual client quote)

If this is you…

You’re a creative freelancer, you’re enjoying what you’re doing but you’re not sure how to make the next step

You can see the life you want on the horizon and you want to make it real

You’re already serving clients you like and want to learn how to turn them to even more clients you love

You’ve tried marketing but it’s always felt a bit weird.

You want to sell what you do, at the price you want in ways that feel like yourself not some slimey 80s guy

You tend to overcommit, give away too much of your time for free and say yes to too much, and you’re ready to kick that habit

You want to grow your business but feel you have little time to develop or test ideas that could make it happen

You’re ready to do the work but you aren’t sure what to do next to get to where you want to go

You’re ready to get more free time and more flexibility in how you work without sacrificing the money you’re making

You’re ready to get clarity, change your thought processes and act with confidence

You’ve experienced success before and you want more of it. More clients paying you the big bucks, more projects that get your creative juices flowing, more connection to the life you want.

I can help you…

Gain confidence
Make more money
Take control of your career
Create a happy life 

like these creative folks

How does it work?

Let me tell you..

You’ll create an action plan that leads you from where you are to the freelance life you dream of

You’ll create an offer that will make your ideal clients jump at the opportunity to work with you!

You’ll learn how to use the great work you’re already doing to get more projects you love without spending all your spare time creating content

You’ll gain the self-belief to deal with clients, negotiation and difficult situations with confidence

You’ll learn how to market in ways that bring you joy! Without the slimey 80s guy feeling..

You’ll stop overcommitting and giving your time away for free

You’ll create space in your working week for developing your business (no more working weekends to get ahead!)

You’ll get more of the success you’ve already tasted. More clients paying you the big bucks, more projects that get your creative juices flowing, more connection to the life you want.


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You're interested so far but...

What do you actually get?

A clear roadmap to your goals

When you’re working alone, it’s easy to get pulled from idea to idea, following the latest thing you’ve seen online, never quite knowing if what you’re doing is right for you. You need someone to quieten that excess noise and help you create a clear roadmap that you can follow towards your wildest goals so you can create the life you want.

Purposeful action!

Action that you can feel in your bones is pushing you to where you want to be. No more days spent staing at a screen wondering if this is right. You’ll step up and take action that gets you results. Set the goal, make the plan and take the massive action to get you there.

The benefit of my years of experience

There’s a reason the best sports coaches have played at an elite level. They know how to execute at that level. The knowledge I share with you has been built up over years of freelancing, designing and working with clients. You get the lessons and skills you need at the time you need them.

Honest feedback

No more pondering if your idea is worth trying or spending days wondering why something isn’t quite working. We discuss, refine and perfect so you’re executing in the way only you can. Bringing your uniqueness out in every pixel and every sylable. Doing it your way so when people see you they trust you implicitly, know what you’re saying is right and fall over themselevs to hire you.

Someone in your corner who gets it

Unwavering support is great. Unwavering support from someone who understands where you’re at is invaluable. It helps you see yourself as the incredible, talented, hardworking person you are. It allows you to be supported through the challenging moments without taking your eyes off your goals. It allows you to continually grow, continually push yourself outside of your comfort zone where the real change happens.

But I don't give you everything...

What's not included?

Me doing the work for you.
I can show you the way but I can’t walk it for you.

Me chasing you to do the work.
You’re an adult, I can’t make you do anything. I can help you see what’s stopping you, what’s holding you back, and outline the steps to make the change you want. I can give you the right training at the right time and you have to decide to do it or not.

24/7 access to Orwell.
I’m here to support you, but to be the person you need me to be I need my evenings, weekends and holidays. I can’t encourage you to create a freelance lifestyle you love and not do it myself.

Look, honestly, this isn't for everyone...

Who is mentoring not for?

New freelancers with zero experience in their field

Anyone prone to making excuses

Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

Freelancers and creatives averaging less than 3,000€ per project

Anyone who won’t show up to sessions, follow the process or put in the work

Anyone who feels they have enough of what they want

Down to the details...

What does it cost?

I work with freelancers who are earning at least 3000€ per project, that means they’re ready and able to invest in themselves.

Mentoring starts at 750€ per month with a minimum commitment of three months. 

So if you’re here to make more money, the work we do only has to bring you one additional project in three months to put you in a net positive. 

Though experience tells me you’ll increase your income by more than just one project in that time. And the increase in confidence and the time you’ll gain alone will be worth the investment 😉

You pay for the first 2 months up front and after that you pay monthly

Why do you pay two months up front??

Two reasons..

1. The first months of mentoring is where a lot of the big transformations happen
2. We commit at the level of our investment

The first payment hurts so you’re committed to the investment. I want you committed so you put in the work and make the transformation you want.

Once you’re in, you’re in!

And once you’re in, you’re commited to working for your future.

I mean, would you even care about the outcome if this was 100€ a month..?

I’ve mentored over 100 freelancers to help them earn more, work less and make their lives easier

I’ve been described as Master Yoda with better banter and the perfect mentor

Do you want to..

Get clarity about your target audience and value proposition

Create an action plan that gets you higher priced opportunities

Deliver processes that convert more opportunities into clients


A one-off session to break through a challenge
  • 45 minute one on one session with Orwell
  • Explain your situation in my questionnaire
  • I come with real ideas and strategies to help you
  • Work through a challenge or problem
  • Plan your next big move
  • You leave with a step by step action plan


Mentoring program to develop business skills and confidence
750 per month
  • Tailor made program based on your goals
  • Two program topics added each week
  • One 1-1 per month
  • Text and voicenote support
  • Weekly check ins
  • Tax deductable investment


Tailor made program for creatives who want rapid change
1500 per month
  • Tailor made program based on your goals
  • New program topics added as you need them – Ideal for rapid development
  • Two 1-1s per month
  • Text and voicenote support
  • Weekly check-in with personalised video response from Orwell
  • Instant access to your program after payment
  • Tax deductable investment

What if I don’t like the mentoring program?

My style isn’t to hold people hostage. Plans change, needs change and sometimes budgets change too. Though, from experience, I believe mentoring will help your budget go up!

If you find yourself second-guessing the commitment, you and I will talk. You’ll tell me what’s going on and we’ll figure out the best path forward.

Freelancers I’ve helped 

If you’re here, it means
you’re ready to start creating
the freelance life you want

If you can't afford it right now..

I've got something for you...

Tasty bites that make 
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Each week we will have a virtual community meeting where a member of the Cantina will give you an actionable skill to improve your freelance business, earn you more money or save you time.

We cover all aspects of freelancing from pricing, getting work, managing clients to creating processes that make your life easier.

The group feed is an open space for discussion. A place for you to ask the difficult questions, offer advice and to support each other on the journey.

The group is FREE, the meetings are FREE and it’s open to ALL freelancers.

So bring your friends, bring your questions, bring your enthusiasm, bring your advice and most of all bring your good vibes.

This is the end, my friend

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