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The business booster for creative freelancers

1:1 mentoring to take your biz from chaos to control
Rebuild your confidence, make more money and start enjoying your work again
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I am super grateful for the help Orwell has given me, he streamlined my chaotic thinking and been an absolute game changaaaa to my confidence!

I love that he always guides me to the answer of any queries, rather than answering them straight out - it makes learning much more engaging!

This has been the absolute best thing I’ve ever done for my career 💖💖
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Thanks for coming 🙂

Does your biz feel like you're managing chaos?

If you’re here you’re likely feeling a bit burnt out.

You’re working hard, finding clients, trying do do everything yourself but it’s become too much.

You’re getting projects but you feel like you’re not charging enough and the admin is taking up way too much time (why are contracts such a pain anyway?!).

If you want headspace, want your time back and want to grow your biz to the next stage, I can help!

I’ve built a biz model that works. It’s worked for me, and it works for my clients. I’ve created a programme that helps freelancers like you get control of the business side of things so you can make money and have time to enjoy life.

Because what’s the point of freelancing if you spend your whole life working?

Interested? Read on…

You will see real change
within the first three months

We get everything out of your head and down on paper so you can see the facts of where you’re at.

Seeing the reality of your situation rather than just how you feel about it gives you a huge confidence boost, you start to see how achievable it is to earn more money and get back more time for yourself.

From there we create a plan to make those goals your reality.

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Does this sound like you?

You're a creative freelancer ready to grow your biz

You have a few clients but the money isn’t enough, you want to make consistent income doing projects you love 

You know what you’re worth but need the confidence to sell yourself and your expertise at higher prices without feeling like you’re asking for too much

You’re ready to learn how to market yourself and sell in a way that suits who you are without that icky selling feeling 

You’re ready to set boundaries with clients so you don’t feel constantly under pressure

You want to create structure in your business so you have more time to do the things you enjoy

You need accountability to keep you focused on the things you want from life

You want to work with a creative freelancer who’s done this before you, someone who knows what it’s like to be where you are 

Does that sounds like you? I can help! Book a free call and let’s chat about the future of your biz 🙂

Working with Orwell has been a life changing experience for me. He's the voice of reason I use with my clients but can't ever give to myself and he's a wicked guide when it comes to overcoming the mental hurdles that pop up.

If you are sick of overworking and being under paid, you deserve to have a life and enjoy your work. Just hire him.

If you’ve come this far you’ve likely got a mix of feelings

Excited at what could happen. Apprehensive about making an investment that doesn’t pay off. I’ve been there too, when I first started working with my business coach in 2016. So let me tell you a bit about how I work. 

I’ve been doing this freelancing thing for about a third of the time I’ve been doing this life thing. I don’t have a magic lamp or the one shortcut you need to avoid the hard bits of business, but my experiences brought me to these key truths:

  1. You don’t need lots of money to have what you want in life
  2. Having time is as important as having money
  3. Being happy in your work is more important than what other people think
  4. Having the little things you want now makes it easier to get the big things tomorrow

Only by defining success for ourselves can we be truly happy in our work. This is the basis of how I work with the freelancers I mentor. You define your own success then I help you develop the skills and tools you need to make that success your reality.

Whether they’re designers, photographers, illustrators, coders and even PTs, I mentor people to help them create a business that gives them not only the money they want but time to enjoy it.

Freelancers I work with increase their prices with confidence, take back time for themselves and the things they love, they get the joy back in their work by seeing that their happiness is the foundation of their business’s success.

I help them break the grind and fill their days with things that make them happy so they enjoy the journey of creating the business that gives them an even better life.

I’m not here to make you rich quick. I’m here to help you create a business that gives you a happy life and the money to support it. 

If money is your concern...

My goal in first three months is to help you make more money than you’re paying to me

My business is only successful if yours is, so I’ve made sure I have the tools to help you earn more money than you are right now

If you keep your end of the bargain, your business will increase

Life isn't all about work!

We’re all poisoned by the ideas of grinding and working every hour of the day to be “successful”. In my experience, that kind of success only brought me stress and unhappiness.

As freelancers we get to choose what success means to us, then we get to create a business that gives us that success.

To me success is having enough money to let me do what I love in my life. Listening to music in the sun, visiting amazing places, enjoying dancing to heavy baselines with my wife. 

So even if it’s a work day, take a minute to enjoy the wee gallery I’ve made for you here. It’s a collection of work I like from designers and artists that inspire me 🙂


When you’re ready, scroll down for more about how mentoring with me works.

We now return to the regularly scheduled programme...

Wanna see how we can work together?

Orwell has helped me see sense and build confidence in what I'm doing. I knew nothing about pricing, about defining my worth and seeing my value.

He's helped guide me before important pitches and meetings and encourages me to keep going when I'm not feeling the best. I feel more clear in my messaging and the actions I need to take to progress to where I want to be.

He's brilliant!

The Mentoring Process Works

Stage one: Plan 

We’ll review your business from top to bottom, where you’re at now, how you work and what you want to change. We’ll deal with your immediate challenges while planning systems, processes and strategies that will move your business forward.

Through my own experience, I know you can’t live the life you want without getting your mind right, so we’ll deal with your mindset, how you think of yourself, your work and your money. Together we’ll tackle the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

Stage two: Process

The aim here is to give you back your time and headspace by creating repeatable patterns you can deliver with your eyes closed. We’re going to take the ideas, goals and concepts from phase one, and identify the systems and processes that you need to properly execute and manage the growth of your business.

There’s no one-size-fits-all here, we’re going to find processes that work for you. Because you know yourself, if something doesn’t feel right to you, you won’t put the effort in to make it happen. We’re looking to make sure you can show up to your business with confidence and deliver in a way that feels good.

Stage three: Execute

This is where you’ll be putting our work and planning into action. You’re out working in your business making it happen for yourself.

You have me for accountability and problem-solving literally in your pocket via text and voice memo the entire time (not weekends though, we’ve both got lives..).

We’ll celebrate your wins, troubleshoot your challenges and continue strategising and developing as we go.

You’ll get confidence and know how on...

Setting your pricing

Lead generation

Client targeting

Planning your finances

Talking money with clients

Creating marketing strategy

Setting boundaries with clients

Developing a client experience

Improving your creative process

Using systems to give yourself time

Defining your audience

Building your personal brand

Getting your mindset right

Pitching prep

Project negotiations

Orwell's mentoring has been invaluable for me in the last few months as I continue to grow my business. He has a wealth of experience to pull from, he's eager to see his students succeed and he's generous with his time.

You're in good hands with this guy.

When can I start to see results?

Every person I speak to gets value from our first call. I help them see a part of their business in a different light and give them something practical they can use almost immediately to improve their business.

This isn’t because I’m brilliant (despite what the feedback I’ve had from freelancers might say), it’s because I help you get out of your head. I’ve been in your position, I know the headspace you’re in and I know how to help change your point of view and see a different path.

After three months together my aim is to help you:

Make more money with clients you like
Feel more confident in yourself and your business
Feel more in control of your future
Have time for yourself and the things you love

But you don’t have to wait three months.

Does that sounds like something you want? Then book a free call and let’s get started.

What can you achieve
after only 3 months?

Slide through the images to read about some of the freelancers I’ve helped and the great things they achieved in the first three months of mentoring

What will help you create a better business and a happier life?

These are some of the things I’ve helped freelancers achieve in the last few months. Ask me about any of them and I’ll show you how it works.

Make more money without losing clients
Increase your confidence when dealing with clients
Create a marketing strategy that works
Stop working evenings and weekends
Getting the headspace to work on your biz​
Having someone to keep you accountable
cost 02
So now you’re thinking…

I'm keen.
How much does it cost?

You’re gonna love this!

The business booster runs on a pay-what-you-feel model. 

I know the value of what I deliver. The results and the testimonials you’ve read about on this page show the benefit freelancers get from working with me – so you know the value of it too.

If things are good and you’re wanting to take your freelancing to the next level, then pay me what I’m worth to help you make that happen. 

But if you’re in the shit right now and need a hand up, I don’t want money to be a barrier to you getting the help you need.

So let’s have a chat, work out a rate that works for both of us and we agree to it. Once it’s agreed, I send you a link, you pay the first amount and we start working.

No contracts, no signing, I trust you to work hard and pay on time and you trust me to help you make a difference to your business and your life.

Ready to get started creating the biz that gives you the life you want? Book your free call and let’s chat about the future of your biz 🙂


It takes around three months to take your freelance biz from chaos to control. We deal with your immediate problems and get everything out of your head and down on paper so you know where your business is at, rather than feeling it’s not right. 

You plan your finances, decide what you need to earn every month and the kind of projects you need to make that happen. Then, with my help, you create a plan to make it happen.

Pay what you feel is an opportunity for you to invest a comfortable amount while seeing if mentoring works for you. We have a chat about your business, see what you can achieve over the next three months and come to an agreement on the cost – it’s that simple. 

You’ll be getting value from the work we do and you will be in a better place, personally and financially. 

If you want to keep growing your business, we’ll carry on together, make new plans and see where your business can go.

Freelancers I’ve worked with for over 12 months have seen huge changes in their lives and their businesses. You can read about one of those people here.

What I do works with all freelance businesses, whether you’re a creative, a PT, inspirational speaker or emotional support animal.

My background is in graphic design and that’s my first passion. But we get into freelancing because we’re good at the thing we love. No matter what you freelance in, I’ll help you get to grips with the business side of it so you can make money from the thing you love.

Don’t be mad! You’ve made a commitment to yourself, stick it through and make a change!

Mentoring is based on mutual trust. You trust me with this precious thing, your business, and I trust you to work on the things we discuss and to be honest with me.

You will see real change within three months, if you work at it. But there’s no contract, nothing to sign and nothing to keep you working with me. If you stop getting value, you’re well within your rights to stop.

If you don’t see benefit in three months I will give you your money back. But tbh if you’ve not seen benefit, that’s because you haven’t been working and I’ll be happy to see you go.

I’ve been freelancing since I was 21. I’ve been a side-gig freelancer, worked in-house for a hotel, full time Junior (read dogsbody), full time freelancer and a company director with a team delivering for international clients. 

What I share with you comes from my experience and the shared experience of everyone I’ve ever managed, taught or mentored. You can read about my story here.

If you want to learn and you’re ready to make a change – book a call. Let’s see where you’re at and if it would be worthwhile for us to work together.

If we think you’re ready for mentoring we can find an agreement that works for both of us.

It’s up to you to convince me you’re ready.

I really enjoyed working with Orwell, he guided us and helped develop our brand and our voice. His understanding, expertise and organisation has left us in a better place.
We now understand the importance of making strategies for various parts of our business and are still carrying on what we were taught. It was a pleasure to work with Orwell, I really appreciate what he has done for us and know he’ll do the same for others.
Interested in mentoring?

Book a free call

You know how it works, you know what you can achieve with it and you know you can afford it. So what are you waiting for?

Every relationship needs a first date, so let’s have a call and chat about your business. Book some of my time and we can chat about your plans for the future, what’s standing in your way and how I can help you.

Hullo I'm Orwell

I’m a freelance branding designer. I mentor freelancers to help them make money and stay happy while they build their business. Freelancing since 2011 and starting my first business in 2016, I’ve been at this a while.

I learned the hard way that knowing design doesn’t mean you know business. But we can learn to take control of our businesses and make money in a way that works for our lives and our happiness. 

I’m here to make sure other freelancers don’t have to go through what I did. By sharing my experience I steer you through the challenges, support you towards your goals and provide accountability to keep you on track.

Currently based in Berlin, I was previously a board member for charity Stepping Stones for Families, I gave design and marketing masterclasses to students for Young Enterprise Scotland and was a guest lecturer at Strathclyde University, Glasgow Caledonian University and Glasgow’s colleges.

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You came all the way here and nothing took your fancy?

I’m kinda impressed. Either you’re really not sure about this mentoring thing or you just came for a nosey. I don’t mind which tbh. 

I’m not going to push something you’re not sure of so there’s no more book-a-call links down here. That’s not what basements are for. The best basements are for banging techno and all night dance parties. If that’s your vibe check out the link below, I’ve got a playlist you’ll love.

If not, don’t eat the smarties, they’re not what you expect.