6 ways to kick procrastination in the butt

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Make a fuck this shit list It’s a list of things you hate doing and don’t want to have to deal with... Prioritise Use a weekly schedule check my feed to steal mine... Set app timers If you, like me can’t be trusted, set an app timers and let your phone cut you off when you’ve had too much It ain’t perfect but it helps... Set focus mode Set a time in the day where youcan’t access the apps you procrastinate on. It’s frustrating AF at the start but the peace you get in your head is woooonderful Get an accountability partner Oki, honest truth, this neeever worked for me We always colluded into each other’s procrastination My coach keeps me accountable He’s a wee mild mannered man from Glasgow and just the thought of telling him I’ve not done the work I said I would gives me the fear So I do the work, biz progresses and life is good
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