Create a more interesting availability post

How can you stand out when the whole freelancing world is posting about their availability??

In this Comminity Cantina I’ll show you the process I used to take one of my favorite freelancers from not knowing what to say, to their first post delivering:
– old clients offering new work
– and a full-time job offer

I’ll show you the post too 😉

Create your own outreach strategy

In our first community cantina we’ll cover how to create your own outreach strategy

We cover how to create:
– A target audience
– An initial price
– A retainer offer
– An outbound strategy
– A call to action
– And a kick in the butt to send 1 email per day

How to ask for a referral

Referrals are good for everyone involved! For you referrals can bring in new clients without lots of marketing and outreach. Referrals also tend to be high-quality

Project pricing and the five ways to increase your profits

​Catch up with my deep dive for Design Buddies into how to price your projects to give you more money and more time.

Seniors, juniors and you mid-weights in between, get some invaluable advice that will help you shape your pricing and increase the money in your pocket. If you’re freelancing full-time, doing jobs on the side or thinking about making the leap to feelance this is for you.

​I cover:
– ​Common pricing mistakes creatives make
– ​Calculate a basic rate based on your needs
– ​How to get paid for your marketing
– ​The five ways to increase your profits

Stop being overworked and underpaid

Are you an underpaid and overworked freelancer? Want the number 1 fix that works for everyone who’s tried it? Here it comes.. Charge more. Okay,

Make time for marketing when you’re fully booked

Focusing on bringing in new clients while you’re fully booked can be a big issue for freelancers. So that’s what we’re going to chat about because freelance can often feel like a boom and bust and depending on who you ask there’s never a good time to be getting work…

Design a folio that converts your ideal client

There are a million ways to design a portfolio that brings you work, so why are most folios a boring grid of projects?

If you’re one of the people who’s poured days (weeks!) of work into your folio only for it to feel like a total waste, then this course is for you.

This course is designed to help junior and mid-weight designers (graphic, visual, ux ui designer or student) design a portfolio that appeals to your ideal client so they get in touch.

Should is not your friend

Do you ever feel life should be going diferently? Should you have more time, more money or more work?Should you have done things differently with

Break Free from Perfectionism!

A plague exists amongst the creatives of today. It hides in the shadows, waiting for us. It knows when you pick up your pen. It

How to create a contract

First off, nice one! It’s great to come to this stage 😀 When I got my first contract I felt very profesh! You may be

If you’re going through hell..

I’ve had some shit times in life.. Some self inflicted, some brought about by the actions of others, some just pure chance. In these moments,

Nick Cave vs Chat GPT

Someone asked Nick Cave what he thought of a song made by Chat GPT “in the style of Nick Cave”. Nick had some strooong opinions..

Shame ain’t welcome here!

We’re all working on something. There’s something we want to do better. Something we wanna be but we just aren’t doing the stuff to make

Should you work after hours??

I’m all about that clocking off work early.. life’s to be lived y’know. But some of my best designs have been made half intoxicated in

Where should you promote your biz?

My biggest DM filler from freelancers is “where should I promote my biz?” When I ask, “what you trying to do and what’s your strategy?”