Self-care, am treatin’ meeee right.
Mac Miller

Without you, your biz doesn’t work. Learn to look after yourself so you can show up at your best as often as you can.

Should is not your friend

Do you ever feel life should be going diferently? Should you have more time, more money or more work?Should you have done things differently with

Shame ain’t welcome here!

We’re all working on something. There’s something we want to do better. Something we wanna be but we just aren’t doing the stuff to make

Should you work after hours??

I’m all about that clocking off work early.. life’s to be lived y’know. But some of my best designs have been made half intoxicated in

Top tips for avoiding burnout

It’s the end of the day on a Friday so I’m not gonna keep you long.. My last (hopefully ever) burnout came after I worked

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