Creative process

Creative process

Insights, ideas and experience to help you shape your creative process and your freelancer life.

Break Free from Perfectionism!

A plague exists amongst the creatives of today. It hides in the shadows, waiting for us. It knows when you

Nick Cave vs Chat GPT

Someone asked Nick Cave what he thought of a song made by Chat GPT “in the style of Nick Cave”.

Should you work after hours??

I’m all about that clocking off work early.. life’s to be lived y’know. But some of my best designs have

How the mentoring programme works

I’ve got a programme that I’ve refined over my years as freelancer
It’s helped me at every stage of my career from sidegig freelancer

How to create a PDF preset for Adobe CC

Tired of wasting time changing the settings every time you wanna export a PDF? Want to understand what some of those darn settings do? Check

Charge properly and get more free time

Get back your evenings and weekends by pricing projects properly
Lots of freelancers only charge for the time during a project…
They don’t count the

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