Change your payment terms – *Free email script*

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Changing your payment terms can feel scary... Clients have an expectation of when they’ll pay and you don't want to do anything that will make them stop working with you But ask yourself, do you want to be in a relationship that you’re scared to change for fear of what the other person will do? Thought not. So swipe and let me show you how I’ve done it Copy this script when you send an invoice Hi [name] I have attached the invoice for [describe work]. The full amount is due on [date], payment details are included on the invoice. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. It’s firm Straightforward Explains what's happening Makes the date clear And most importantly, it doesn't offer them the opportunity to get in touch to discuss You do not have to explain your payment terms! Your business doesn't owe an explanation for how it manages it’s money. Now you need an hourly rate The amount you want to earn per month ÷ (The hours you want to work per week x 4.33) Total project time x Hourly rate = A price that gets you paid what you want and gives you your evenings + weekends back! Good pricing is about more than just money Pricing your services properly buys you time,stops you feeling overworked and gives youheadspace to develop your business :)

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