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Get back your evenings and weekends by pricing projects properly Lots of freelancers only charge for the time during a project... They don’t count the time before or after the creative part meaning they have a lot of unpaidtime in their week. They have to work long hours just to earn the money they need to have a happy life. They don’t have enough paid hours in the week so they work evenings and weekends They struggle to take a holiday because they’re always busy They have no time to develop their business or earn more money Swipe and I’ll show you how to price properly... Make three columns and list everything you do in each of the time periods. Before Marketing, sales, client calls, negotiation, writing proposals, invoicing, onboarding and admin During All the project time including revisions, client calls and admin After Offboarding, collecting feedback, creating new marketing based on testimonials and time you spend developing yourself and your creative process Now add the time you spend on each of the things in your list, add it all up and add 10-20% faffing time for unexpected extras Include a % of the time you spent on creating marketing, self-development and time spent with people who didn’t become clients All of these things lead to you being better at your job and your clients getting a better experience so you should be paid for it Now you need an hourly rate The amount you want to earn per month ÷ (The hours you want to work per week x 4.33) Total project time x Hourly rate = A price that gets you paid what you want and gives you your evenings + weekends back! Good pricing is about more than just money Pricing your services properly buys you time,stops you feeling overworked and gives youheadspace to develop your business :)
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