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Design a folio that converts your ideal client

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About the course

There are a million ways to design a portfolio that brings you work, so why are most folios a boring grid of projects?

If you’re one of the people who’s poured days (weeks!) of work into your folio only for it to feel like a total waste, then this course is for you.

This course is designed to help junior and mid-weight designers create a portfolio that appeals to your ideal client so they get in touch.

What’s included

– Over 90 minutes of video explainers
– Step-by-step processes to follow
– Worksheets and checklists
– Email scripts you can copy/paste

Take a sneak peek at the program

In this online course you will learn how to:

Design for your ideal client

Be clear about how you help

Choose your niche and define your ideal client

Stop describing your audience with “anyone who”

Connect with your ideal client

Easily create a short pitch that grabs attention

Define what your landing page needs

Design a landing page that converts

Build trust with your ideal client

Present yourself with confidence

Stop making boring project pages

Select projects that wow your ideal client

Choose between case study or project

Easy ways to elevate small projects

Make an additional PDF portfolio


The steps you'll take to create a folio that converts


Understand why your folio isn’t converting

There are common reasons portfolio websites don’t convert visitors to enquiries. You’ll explore the common mistakes people make in folio design and analyse your own folio to see the small changes you can make that lead to big results.


Define your ideal client

To convert your ideal client you need know who they are and the value you offer them. You’ll follow a step-by-step process to choose your niche and define an ideal client that feels right for you without being too narrow for your goals.


Write text that attracts

To make a folio that converts your ideal client you need to be able to talk to them on their level. Don’t worry if you aren’t a writer, you’ll use helpful templates to help you structure and write text that attracts.


Design your landing page

Say goodbye to your boring project grid! You’ll learn how to design a landing page that’s laser focused on wowing your ideal client and building their trust in your ability to deliver great work for them.


Present your projects with confidence

Why are most project pages boring? Should you write a case study? How can your make the most of a small project? What about PDF folios? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more so you can present your work with confidence.

5 minute taster: Easily write a short pitch that attracts your ideal client

Get a taste of the course in this 5 minute video where I show you how to easily write a short pitch that describes: 

  • What you do
  • The result you want for yourself – your why
  • Your ideal client
  • The specific value you provide to your ideal client
  • Something you don’t want to do


Who is this course for?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you don't need this course

Is your folio bringing you enough work?
Is your folio bringing you the projects you want?
Can you describe your ideal client?
Did you design your folio with your ideal client in mind?
Can you clearly describe your ideal client and how you help them?
Did you start your niche with something other than “anyone who..”?
Is it obvious from your folio who your ideal client is?
Does your folio convert enough visitors to enquiries?

Course coming soon

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