Five ways

to make more money as a freelancer

Are you thinking, c’mon man, there’s more than five ways to make money..?

You’re not wrong. But like there are only six plots that all stories fall into, the many ways you can make money fall into one of these five ways:

  1. Convert more enquiries to clients
  2. Increase the number of sales per client
  3. Increase your average sale value
  4. Increase your profit margin
  5. Get more enquiries through marketing

A wee secret, most freelancers don’t know any of these numbers for their biz. But when you know them, you know where to focus your efforts to make more money.

So instead of jumping into a time consuming, expensive marketing push, maybe you can focus on how you close a sale so you get more clients from the same number of enquiries.

Or you can redesign your client process to make it a higher value service, then up your prices. That’s more money from the same number of clients.

Play with the calculator yourself to see how small changes make a big difference to your profits.

If this sparks your imagination, I made a PDF download with tips, tricks and scripts to help you make more money in each of these five ways.