Five ways to increase your profits

Five ways to increase your profits

Use this simple calculator to analyse how you’re bringing in new business and where you should focus your efforts to increase your profits.

Add your business’s numbers to the form to see where you’re at now. Then play around, increase your conversion rate, see what your profit would be when you retain more customers. You’ll see how easy it can be to increase your profits

If you’re getting enquiries but failing at conversions, you can work on the process you follow to close a sale.

If you’re getting plenty of customers but they only buy once, you can look to increase repeat buying by improving customer service or how you follow up with buyers.

If you’re at capacity, your order books are full but you still aren’t making enough money, you can work on reducing costs and improving your profit margin.

Try it yourself to see how small changes make a big difference to your profits.

Your info isn’t collected, promise. I made this just for you to play around with.