How I became a £500 per hour designer

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When I first started out as a freelancer making money was tough I was inexperienced with a small folio and I didn’t know how to convince people to hire me to design their branding... So I created Startup 101 A basic brand package that covered the main forms of comms for new companies in my area Logo Business card Letterhead Email signature £600 The process worked like this Client interview Research Sketches Client chooses a sketch direction Logo + mockups Edits Final files It was a hit! I got loads of work Quickly the £600 price tag became £800 became £1200 became £2000! I knew the process inside out, I got better and better at knowing what the client needed, I refined my process, got clients to refer me to other businesses and, as clients built up, I increased my price And I got so good at feeling what design was right for the client I cut out the sketch decision phase I was delivering a single set of designs to a happy client it in just 4 hours £2000 ÷ 4 hours = £500ph If you’re struggling to sell all your services... Choose a product you can create that your clients need Design a process to create it Learn how to sell it Work the process till you know it inside out Collect feedback and get happy clients to refer you Up your price as you get better

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