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I’ve got a programme that I’ve refined over my years as freelancer It’s helped me at every stage of my career from sidegig freelancer to director It works like this... Happiness More time More money Calm mind That’s the results But what does it actually mean for the freelancers I work with? Growth Systems Audience Basics Basics We can’t build a house on poor foundations, so first we cover the basics. Think of it as taking the chaos out of your head and gving you back control. Audience You gotta know your audience in order to appeal to them. We create predictable cashflow by understanding your audience and giving them what they need from you. Systems Imagine McDonalds if they didn’t have a process for making the food fast, it wouldn’t work right? We give you back your time by putting processes and systems in your biz to make the repetitive stuff super easy. Growth As you grow your needs change, so we identify the skills and the people you need to help your biz grow how you want it to The programme works! It’s worked in my business and it works for the freelancers that work with me We lay the foundations, you learn the skills and know-how you need and you do it for yourself! Wherever you are in your freelancer career, this process can help you get to the next stage

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