Referrals are good for everyone involved! For you referrals can bring in new clients without lots of marketing and outreach. Referrals also tend to be high-quality

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How to ask for a referral

Referrals are good for everyone involved!

For you referrals can bring in new clients without lots of marketing and outreach. Referrals also tend to be high-quality clients as they come from happy clients who have already experienced your great work

For the referring client they can feel good about helping someone they know and trust find a reliable and skilled freelancer. It can strengthen the relationship between you and them, creating more trust, a positive network and potentially leading to more referrals in the future

For the new client they benefit from the trust and confidence that comes with being referred by someone they know. It can make the decision to hire you easier and create a smoother onboarding process.

Top tips

Make their life easy you’re asking them to help you out so make their life as easy as you can

Be specific tell them exactly what you’re looking for

Remind them of what you did for them that could be the outcomes you delivered for the project or the service

Tell them how to introduce you give an email address or tell them where they can get in touch

Just ask!

A couple of examples

When the client shows they’re happy with your work..

If a client shows they’re happy with you work or if you’ve delivered extra value beyond what they expected, it’s a good opportunity to ask for a referral.

Let them know that referrals are an important part of your business and that you’d appreciate it if they could refer you to anyone who might be interested in your services.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you on [their project]. It’s great to hear that you were happy with the results and the outcomes my work delivered.

Who do you know who could use [your service / the results you delivered] on their projects? Referrals from happy people like you are a crucial part of my business and I’m always looking for new opportunities to help others achieve their goals. So of you know anyone who might need my services, I would be grateful if you could introduce me [by email / on social etc.].

Referral request for a specific client..

If your client has a connection to a specific client that you’ve been eager to work with, ask them for an introduction and a referral.

I’ve enjoyed working with you on [their project] and I’m eager to discuss potential future projects.

I’m aware that you have a positive relationship with [brand] and would greatly appreciate it if you could introduce me to them. I’m confident that I can offer them excellent [specific service].

If you don’t feel comfortable introducing me, I completely understand. Just please let me know.

Try it yourself and let me know how you get on!

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