As a freelancer you wear many hats in your biz One of the most important is getting paid! But it’s not easy to be the person delivering a service and chasing payment So let me do it for you! Create a new email address, and pretend I run your payments Swipe n I’ll show you how! Just pretend you’re me! From: Orwell McG [] Hi [client name] I’ve attached the invoice for [work description]. Please make the payment before [deadline], the payment details are included on the invoice. Thanks for your business! Orwell Payments dept. It lets you ask for money and chase late payments without having to feel weird or pushy One of my clients has been doing this for months! By putting distance between you and the money, it also makes a client feel more obliged to pay on time In their mind you’re no longer a wee freelancer but a business owner with a team Try it and let me know how you get on :)

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How to get paid – Let me (pretend to) run your finance dept

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