Creative business mentoring from Orwell will help you Stay Happy, Get Money and Make Impact
Mentoring for creatives who want to step up their business skills​
With my help, you will…
Stay Happy

Stay happy while you grow your business

I won’t bullshit you, running a business is a lonely place.

You make all the decisions, you shoulder the burdens, you decide the future of everyone in your team.

If you don’t play it right, it will eat your life. You’ll lose your happiness in a hole the shape of the work you used to enjoy. I know this, because I’ve let it happen, more than once.

I will help you stay happy while you plan and grow your business. I keep you accountable to yourself and the things you want from life, so you go to work in the right frame of mind to create the future you want.

Get Money

Want to know where your next projects are coming from?

The world runs on money. It’s the system we live in.

The good thing is, there’s lots of ways to make money. In my time in business, I’ve found lots that work and lots that don’t.

Your skills, your experience and the way you think makes your business unique. We’ll find ways for your business to make money that work for you, so you can design at a price that you deserve without that yucky selling feeling

On the way we’ll likely find new ways that don’t work, that’s just business. I’ve got ways to deal with that too 😉

Make Impact

With great power comes great responsibility

We’re super fortunate to do what we do for a living.

Being a designer, owning a creative business, it’s fun! Through a mixture of study, practice, hard graft and luck, we’ve put ourselves in a position of influence.

It’s up to us what we do with it.

I got into design to do good work for good people. If you’re good people, I’ll help you create a creative business that contributes to the the lives of the people and the communities around you. To use the influence you’re building to have a positive impact on the world.

Book a One Hour AMA

Book a one-hour one-on-one call where you can ask me anything. Let's dig into a problem you’re having in your business or destroy a block in your way. Pick my brain for an hour, ask me anything and let's get you sorted.

Orwell's understanding and expertise has left us in a better place

I really enjoyed working with Orwell, going through a pandemic and many uncertainties, he guided us through it and helped develop our brand and our voice. His understanding, expertise and organisation has left us in a better place. We now understand the importance of making strategies for various parts of our organisation and are still carrying on what we were taught. It was a pleasure to work with Orwell, I really appreciate what he has done for us and know he’ll do the same for others.

Tony O’Neill Animalia Apparel

You're in good hands with this guy

Orwell's mentoring has been invaluable for me in the last few months as I continue to grow my business. He has a wealth of experience to pull from, he's eager to see his students succeed and he's generous with his time. You're in good hands with this guy - I can't recommend Orwell's services enough.

Antoine Couturier Videographer

Master Yoda with better banter!

Could not recommend Orwell enough! We went through the process to design the BioFitness branding in 2015 and haven't looked back since. Master Yoda with better banter!

Kyle Watson BioFitness

Calm, measured, creative

Working with Orwell was a really pleasant experience considering the seriousness with which we all approached this project. He works in a calm, measured manner and his creativity reminded us why we were trusting it to someone who has the necessary talents we do not have.

Paul Sheerin Chief Executive, Scottish Engineering

The outcomes were exactly what we were after

From the start Orwell understood what we were trying to achieve. We worked on our messaging and explored different avenues to get that message out to staff on the ground. The outcomes were exactly what we were after.

Pete Masters Medical Innovation Advisor, MSF (former)

Fresh thinking, new ideas and coherence to our brand

Working with Orwell has brought fresh thinking, new ideas and a coherence to our brand. The designs are more relevant and build the brand identity. Furthermore we have considered our “products”, how we package them and how we price them better. The branding process has helped us appreciate and re-evaluate our value and specialism.

Janis McDonald Chief Officer, deafscotland

We were able to be innovative, appropriate and impactful

Orwell took such a passionate interest in our work, learning about our activities and most importantly our outcomes so that we were able to be innovative, appropriate and impactful.

Geoff Leask CEO, Young Enterprise Scotland


One Hour AMA

A one-hour one-on-one call to dig into a problem you’re having or destroy a block in your way.

You can ask me anything. Bounce ideas off me and take the benefit of my decade of experience to help you break through your block. As a young business owner, there’s little you can ask that I haven’t experienced.

Book an hour of my time and let’s get you sorted.

What’s included

Pre-call questionnaire to see where you’re at

1-hour intensive call

Call write up and next steps

2 week marketing sprint​

Need help sharpening your message, marketing your sick designs and easily landing those dream projects on repeat? Grab a spot in my calendar for two weeks of focused 1 to 1 coaching, where you’ll leave with a custom marketing plan and clear messaging, knowing exactly how you bring value to your clients and how you’ll keep the projects coming your way.

There’s only two of these business-changing opportunities per month – grab yours before someone else does!

We cover: Defining your offer, Setting realistic targets, Knowing your audience, Creating your strategy, Minimum viable product, First steps, Managing your mind

6-month business builder

A six month 1 to 1 mentoring program for design business owners who are ready to ditch the hand to mouth cycle and confidently land their dream projects.

There is no shame in being paid for being good at what you do. And there’s no arrogance in knowing your worth. I will help you work on how you work, improve your design process, make time for your creativity to do it’s thing. And you can sell yourself in a way that gets you paid what you’re worth.

We cover: Getting your mind right, Defining your audience, Brand messaging, Lead generation, The five ways to increase your profits, Project pricing, Delivering value in your projects, Content strategy, Email marketing, Client targeting, Planning for success

Hullo I'm Orwell

I’m a designer. I’m a business owner. Freelancing since 2011 and starting my first business in 2016, I’ve been at this a while.

I learned the hard way that knowing design doesn’t mean you know business. But we can learn to take control of our businesses and make money in a way that works for our lives and our happiness. 

I’m here to make sure other creative business owners don’t have to go through what I did. By sharing my experience I steer you through the challenges, support you towards your goals and provide accountability to keep you on track.

I am a board member for charity Stepping Stones for Families, I give design and marketing masterclasses to students for Young Enterprise Scotland and have been a guest lecturer at Glasgow’s universities and colleges.

I give you what I wish I had in the first years of my business, a mentor who’s been there and done it, to help you stay happy, get money and make impact.

Are you ready to create the business
you’ve always wanted?

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