In a random survey (of my friends) it was found that 60% of people don’t know what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did before he was

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No one knows who The Rock used to be (or about how you mega failed that one time..)

In a random survey (of my friends) it was found that 60% of people don’t know what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did before he was an actor.

This blew. My. Mind!

How could they not know that before becoming the highest paid actor in Hollywood, he spent six years being the biggest hero to millions (and millions) of fans across the globe??

How could they just accept that an actor called Dwayne had slowly transitioned himself from being called The Rock? (actually, writing that down, I kinda get it.. Dwaaaaaayneh.. I’d call myself The Rock too..)

Like, what the actual *bleep*?! (That’s how you know this show isn’t actually live..)

For those still in the dark, Mr Dwayne was a – no the – professional wrestler of WWF’s attitude era.

He was the pie eating, jabroni stomping, People’s Champion!

(There’s a point to this blog I promise..)

It didn’t matter what your name was you had to shut your mouth and know your role!


If a majority of people don’t know what shot Mr The Rock to stardom, then even fewer people know about your past..

They don’t know your biggest fails..
They don’t know about the stuff that makes you cringe to think about..
They don’t know the times you tried stuff that didn’t work..

Ain’t that fun to know? You can release yourself from those thoughts and go about your day slightly lighter 😀

The flip side of that is, they don’t know your wins either!

So you get to tell your story how you want to!

You choose what to tell, how to tell it and who to tell it to!

Life’s a wonderful thing, it forever gives us second chances if only we’ll allow ourselves to have them.

So the next time you’re worried that everyone’s watching your every move think of the People’s Champ and know that they ain’t.

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