Securing a long-term home for a social club for people with additional support needs


Include Me Too Club

“This has been invaluable for achieving IM2C’s vision. The team was helpful, personable and easy to work with. Without this process, IM2C would not have moved forward so quickly. It’s a huge step for us!”

Paul McIlvenny
Chairperson and Co-Founder, IM2C


Project outcomes

  • IM2C secured their new home in Barrhead
  • 18 councillors agreed unanimously with the case put forward for the charity
  • IM2C will bring life back to a disused building, benefiting its members and the wider Barrhead community
  • The charity used the impact report to showcase their impact to potential funders and supporters

What I did

Evaluation report design
Copy editing

When Include Me Too Club (IM2C) were attempting to buy a building from East Renfrewshire Council through Community Asset Transfer, I was asked to help secure their goal.

The charity had commissioned research into the feasibility of buying the building. The report was dense with information but was inaccessible and soulless. I proposed showing the human impact of the charities work by telling the stories of the service users. By pairing the feasibility study with an impact report we could highlight to the councillors judging the application the wide-reaching positive effect the charity has on the community.

The application was a success! IM2C received unanimous consent from the council with the impact report cited as a reason for the application’s approval.

IM2C moved into their new home in 2019.

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