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Project pricing and the five ways to increase your profits

​Catch up with my deep dive for Design Buddies into how to price your projects to give you more money and more time. Seniors, juniors and you mid-weights in between, get some invaluable advice that will help you shape your pricing and increase the money in your pocket. If you're freelancing full-time, doing jobs on the side or thinking about making the leap to feelance this is for you. ​I cover: - ​Common pricing mistakes creatives make - ​Calculate a basic rate based on your needs - ​How to get paid for your marketing - ​The five ways to increase your profits

8:19 How much money do you actually need?
8:13 Create a basic daily rate based on your needs
13:04 How much of your week is chargable time?
15:43 How to charge for all of the time you work
24:07 The five ways to increase your profits

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