We’re all working on something. There’s something we want to do better. Something we wanna be but we just aren’t doing the stuff to make

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Shame ain’t welcome here!

We’re all working on something.

There’s something we want to do better. Something we wanna be but we just aren’t doing the stuff to make it happen.

Part of my job is to help people describe what they wanna be doing and then keep them accountable to make it happen.

That means sometimes I have to ask, so what’s going on with that thing you said you’d do..?

Oftentimes the response is, I haven’t done it followed by I should be doing this and I want to be doing that..

Well I’m just not here for that anymore!

I’m done watching talented people I like shaming themselves for not being something they think they should be.

Peeps, there ain’t no should. There is only what is.

If you’re not doing the things you think you should be doing, instead of shaming yourself into feeling bad (who needs more bad feels in this world..?) try having some self-compassion instead..

If you’re procrastinating, maybe you’re projecting into the future imagining a less-than-perfect result to your work. I doubt you’d be surprised how common that is..

Have a wee break and when you come back, focus on enjoying the process of creating. Great stuff comes when you aren’t invested in the outcome.

If you’re putting too much on your list and not getting it done.. then you’re a child of capitalism. We’re all taught that grind is good but where’s the use in shaming yourself for not doing items 6 and 7 when you smashed items 1–5??

You get to decide what makes a good day. So focus on fewer to-dos, do them well and acknowledge to yourself that you’ve had a good day. Feeling positive about the good work you’ve done puts you in a better headspace to enjoy your free time.

If you’re staying up late binging and scrolling, maybe that’s your body telling you need some time to chill. You aren’t a robot. You need a proper break to recharge and process what you’ve been doing. Take that time during the day, get some sunlight and you’ll feel less reason to steal that time at night.

Shaming yourself for not being something other than the wonderful person you are is a waste of energy.

Yeah, we’re all working on something. Building towards something. A new idea, a project, whatever. But all we have is this, here, right now.

Practice accepting who you are and where you are. It will free you from the shame of not being enough or not being better. It will give you more compassion for your needs and put you in a better frame of mind to do the necessary work.

You’ll find it easier to show up for yourself. Easier to accept when things don’t go your way. And, the best one, it’ll be easier to acknowledge how awesome you actually are!

And note that.. it’s a practice. So if you struggle, no shame 😉

You know I hate being the click the link below guy but.. am here to help freelancers like you.. So if you wanna chat about how to bring a bit of self acceptance to your working life, there’s a link down there. Yeah, the orange one..

Am here to chat, email orwell@orwellmcg.com 🙂

Love u xx

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