Do you ever feel life should be going diferently? Should you have more time, more money or more work?Should you have done things differently with

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Should is not your friend

Do you ever feel life should be going diferently?

Should you have more time, more money or more work?
Should you have done things differently with that opportunity?
Should you even be reading this right now?

Does it get you down to think of all the things you should be doing?
Do all these shoulds help you live your life better?

Will I stop asking questions and get to the point? – Yes.

Should is not your friend.

When we say we should have done something we’re telling ourselves we did something wrong, something we didn’t want to happen. But instead of being constructive, helping to re-shape the situation, saying should blames ourselves, shames ourselves.

That blame and shame just makes us feel worse. Worse about a situation we already didn’t want to be the case.

By saying should you’re putting energy into fighting your reality. That, my friend, is silly.

By accepting your situation you stop fighting and give yourself space to start working to change your reality. Because you can change what is, just not by willing it or shoulding what you want into existance.

Shaming yourself for not being something other than the wonderful person you are is a waste of energy. We’re all working on something, building towards something, a new idea, a project, whatever. But all we have is this, here, right now.

So practice accepting who you are and where you are. It will free you from the shame of should, of not being “enough” or not being “better”. It will give you more compassion for your needs and put you in a better frame of mind to do the necessary work.

You’ll find it easier to show up for yourself. Easier to accept when things don’t go your way. And, the best one, it’ll be easier to acknowledge how awesome you actually are!

And note that.. it’s a practice. So if you struggle, no shame 😉

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