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Not every person who needs your service is ready to buy It’s your job to be first in their mind when they are But how can you stay in touch without feeling like you’re being pushy? Swipe and I’ll show ya... When you contact them, focus on solving their problem Steal my process Make a list of potential clients you’ve spoken to Note their problem and how you’d fix it Set a date to contact them Whenever you see an article, event, post, video or if you create something that will help them with their problem, save it! Send it to them when you get in touch Swipe to see my script... Steal my client script Hiya Last time we spoke you said you were working on [their problem], how are you getting on with it? I saw this [name of thing you’re sharing], it has/shows you [describe useful section], I think it might be useful to help you out. Let me know if it’s useful! It shows you remember them and their needs Gives them something that helps them And offers the opportunity to get in touch And you don’t ask for anything! Try it and let me know how you get on :)

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