I was on holiday and now I’m back! While I was away I was reminded of something. I need quiet. Like… … … … …

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The things I need to be an effective designer

I was on holiday and now I’m back!

While I was away I was reminded of something.

I need quiet.


q u i e t

Much like you I spend my days working: designing stuff, talking with people, organising, doing, being “on” and “effective”. It can be tiiiiring. At the minute I’m balancing freelancing with mentoring with enjoying being married with all the life stuff that happens as we go along.

I didn’t realise until I sat down on the balcony of a wee house in the forest that I remembered… I need quiet.

Quiet to let my brain sort all the input it’s been getting. Make sense of things that have happened and the things I’m doing.

I used to have time planned in my week to do exactly this. Then so many things changed at once, I felt more stressed and I forgot to bring good habits with me.

When you’re under stress you revert to known pathways. It reduces the time it takes to make decisions because you’re effectively running on auto. For me this meant I reverted to working long hours, starting early in the day and finishing when I felt “done”.

That’s not how I do things!

Now I’ve remembered what I forgot I’ll be binging more of those hobbits back to my days 🙂


I’m guessing you’ve tried many things that have helped you in the past. A planning technique, a morning routine, maybe a bit of gratitude journaling?

This is your prompt to start again!

To remember what you were trying to achieve and the good feelings you got from becoming better at being yourself.

Plan time this week to re-start the good work!

Whenever you're ready..

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