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Social media will make you believe you don't know how to sell yourself Reels, stories, tic-taks, pinterests? Is it all necessary?? No! Why does every freelancer have to be a frickin’ music video director to sell their work? Marketing is straightforward Not necessarily easy, definitely straightforward. Talk to people Like folks at a perty, find something you can both connect about and have a chat! At first, you know no one, then you know a few peeps then before you know it you’ve had a chat with everyone there! You won’t get on with everyone but you’ll make friends for the next time you meet. And you might even meet your new bestie. Show them how you make their life better Anyone can talk a good game, that’s why we have 19 year olds on Instagram telling you how to run your business... If you want people to know you can help you gotta show ‘em how! You don’t have to follow the trends just because they’re there Online or in person, do it in a way that feels right to you and stay true to yourself ‘till you find the folk that love your way of doing it Help people out No one freelances as a stop-gap. It’d too much effort for that So if you’re gona be doing this a while, act like it Connect with people you like, look to help them with what they need, act like the relationships are gona last a long time and the work will come Create your network In the UK, Tories control politics, the media and large companies specifically because they all know each other – they went to school together If they can do it, so can you! Create your own network of people you like, give each other opportunities and help one another succeed! It’s like having your own hip-hop crew but without the public fall outs and diss tracks All these hot Insta tips are just old ideas for new platforms You know how to start good relationships, these are just tools that give you news way to do it

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