Two Week Marketing Sprint

Welcome to your two week marketing sprint!

I’m super excited to be working with you. We’re going to create a plan that makes you money and keeps you happy!

To make the most of this two weeks, I need to know more about where you’re currently at. Fill out this questionnaire, tell me as much as you can about you, the business, the challenges you’re facing with your marketing and what you’re looking to achieve with your business. Before our first call I’ll go through everything you send so we can chat about your business on the level.

Remember, I don’t know what you don’t tell me, so be honest with your answers so you can get the most out of our time.


There are nine sections, each taking between five and ten minutes to complete. I’ve split it in two so you don’t have to do it all at once. Do the first half, hit submit, take a break and do the second half.

Grab a drink and a space on the sofa and get to it. 

Here we go!


    A graphic designer provides value beyond what they design. The value of their service is to give a company a face, a visual anchor to evoke feelings that cause people to connect with a brand and lead them to follow, register or buy. With that in mind, answer the next question.

    If you could be known for just one thing what would it be?

    Your goals

    Your audience

    Marketing is helping the right people make good buying decisions.

    So the more you know and understand about the people in your audience, the better you can help them.

    Audience #1

    Audience #2

    Tell me about you

    We need to know the other skills you have so we can see if we can use them to create a make a marketing plan that’s unique to you and plays to your strengths.

    Think beyond what your business sells, do you enjoy writing? Maybe a great public speaker or networker? How are your photography skills?

    Everyone has extra skills, so don’t be humble, be honest 🙂

    You’re half way there!

    I know this is a lot to ask and your brain might be getting a bit fried. Here’s a few reasons why you’re answering all these questions right now:

    1. Strategy is built on knowledge.
    We want a plan that works for your business and your audience, not just nonsense pulled out of my arse.

    2. We want to think beyond the basics.
    There’s a million ways to make money, we want to find ways that work that you might not have thought of.

    3. Mentoring is about showing you ways to think.
    I can do this for you, but that would be hella expensive and you wouldn’t learn anything. Doing it this way lets you see how to create a plan like this so you can do it for yourself in future.

    Maybe refill your glass/mug/bottle and get back to it…

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