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Philipp Brandstädter

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Vielleichterer takes complex topics and makes them relatable and easy to understand for young readers. The stories are sometimes light hearted – what can you find in your fridge? – sometimes hard hitting – explaining what’s happening in Afghanistan – which creates a challenge for the brand. How can we be positive and appealing to children while covering heavy topics with the respect they deserve?

My response was to create a flexible brand that could be both fun and, when necessary, serious. I incorporated the author Philipp Brandstädter’s photography to allow him to guide the feel of the stories he was presenting. The brand leans into the playfulness with the story headline images – making the topics dance around a central image. This light-heartedness reflects Philipp’s writing style – a huge part of his appeal to younger readers. Taking topics most adults can’t explain to each other and making them relatable to the children who wait for his stories every week.

I created the tagline Sachen Erklärt (Things Explained) as another nod to the simplicity of the Vielleichterer. Never overegging something that can be explained in a more simple way.

The brand, from the breadth of the colour palette to the flexibility of the logo, was created to ensure, no matter the story, no matter the imagery, it is always clear this is a Vielleichterer story.

Orwell's understanding and expertise has left us in a better place

I really enjoyed working with Orwell, going through a pandemic and many uncertainties, he guided us through it and helped develop our brand and our voice. His understanding, expertise and organisation has left us in a better place. We now understand the importance of making strategies for various parts of our organisation and are still carrying on what we were taught. It was a pleasure to work with Orwell, I really appreciate what he has done for us and know he’ll do the same for others.

Tony O’Neill Animalia Apparel

You're in good hands with this guy

Orwell's mentoring has been invaluable for me in the last few months as I continue to grow my business. He has a wealth of experience to pull from, he's eager to see his students succeed and he's generous with his time. You're in good hands with this guy - I can't recommend Orwell's services enough.

Antoine Couturier Videographer

Master Yoda with better banter!

Could not recommend Orwell enough! We went through the process to design the BioFitness branding in 2015 and haven't looked back since. Master Yoda with better banter!

Kyle Watson BioFitness

Calm, measured, creative

Working with Orwell was a really pleasant experience considering the seriousness with which we all approached this project. He works in a calm, measured manner and his creativity reminded us why we were trusting it to someone who has the necessary talents we do not have.

Paul Sheerin Chief Executive, Scottish Engineering

The outcomes were exactly what we were after

From the start Orwell understood what we were trying to achieve. We worked on our messaging and explored different avenues to get that message out to staff on the ground. The outcomes were exactly what we were after.

Pete Masters Medical Innovation Advisor, MSF (former)

Fresh thinking, new ideas and coherence to our brand

Working with Orwell has brought fresh thinking, new ideas and a coherence to our brand. The designs are more relevant and build the brand identity. Furthermore we have considered our “products”, how we package them and how we price them better. The branding process has helped us appreciate and re-evaluate our value and specialism.

Janis McDonald Chief Officer, deafscotland

We were able to be innovative, appropriate and impactful

Orwell took such a passionate interest in our work, learning about our activities and most importantly our outcomes so that we were able to be innovative, appropriate and impactful.

Geoff Leask CEO, Young Enterprise Scotland


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