I’ve been coaching freelancers for three years now. (Well really I’ve been doing it for about 10 years but y’know, informally like.) In that time

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What I learned about freelancing from coaching freelancers

I’ve been coaching freelancers for three years now.

(Well really I’ve been doing it for about 10 years but y’know, informally like.)

In that time I’ve been focusing on the skills freelancers need to get by.

How to plan your finances, how to get clients, how to plan your time effectively.

The plan has been, help folk get more money then take their time back.

And it has worked! To different extents with different people, but generally posi results.

But with some folk, there’s a posi start, lots of good movement then something changes.

They hit a roadblock, they don’t get the responses they expect. Their original plan doesn’t work how they planned.

Then they come to me and ask what they should do..

Now, I may have lots of knowledge and experience to share, but I don’t have the answers for every business.

I don’t have the five steps you can take to make 6 figures and never make another mistake again. (psst, no one does!)

I work by helping you find the ways that work for you.

Asking you questions, giving you different approaches, sharing my experiences.

So when people come to me asking what should I do, they can get frustrated when I answer with questions of my own.

This has niggled at me for a while now, but I worked out the problem recently.

It’s all in their head.

I’ve created a programme that gives the skills but it only helps quieten the voice in their head when things are going well.

And tbh my bad. I got into this to help people avoid the pitfalls I’ve experienced. To help people manage the voice and avoid burnout all while getting what they want from their work.

Get money, make time, stay happy.

So my lesson (and hopefully yours from this wee essay), is to give as much time to managing your inner voice as you do to developing your skills.

Because it’s the only thing standing in your way.

You can up your prices.
You can reach out to potential clients.
You can talk to people about what you do without shame.
You can be a freelancer who works 3 days a week.

All of this is can be yours, if you can manage your mind.
If you can quieten the voice in your head that makes you feel shame.

Shame for wanting what you want.
Shame for not having achieved it yet.
Shame for letting yourself down in the past.

I’ve let some people down by not seeing this earlier. Now I’m going to work to make it better in future.

If you want help managing your voice (and getting dem skills), I can help!

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