I don’t mean, investing in your business or something nice for the house. I mean, when did you last invest in you?   Like improving areas

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When did you last invest in yourself?

I don’t mean, investing in your business or something nice for the house. I mean, when did you last invest in you?  

Like improving areas you want to get better in, strengthening the skills you use every day, getting the knowledge you’ll need for the next steps you want to take? 

If you don’t know when it was, now is the time! Invest in yourself with mentoring.  

You know those moments where you start to read a book you’ve put off for a while, or you finally watch the re-run of that lecture you decided to skip, and within a few minutes you’ve learned something that makes you wonder why you put it off so long? That’s what mentoring is like.  

It’s a load of oh shit! moments you can action straight away to improve your business, make more money and bigger impact. 

You know when you achieve something in your biz, you tell your friends, your partner, your family and they just kinda don’t get it..?

Like, they’re happy for you but they just. Don’t. Get. It. Having a mentor is being able to celebrate with someone who gets it.   

I’ve been where you’re at, I know the struggle, I know the sacrifice and I know how good the wins feel. I help you through the struggles and celebrate the wins with you. 

And those moments you’re at a crossroads, you don’t know what to do, you don’t know who to ask and you’re shit scared of ballsing up? That’s what I live for!  

I’ve duelled with the devil many times at those crossroads. The devil won a few times but I’ve smoked him more.  

I’ll help you through, give you my experience so you can learn from my mistakes and my successes to guide you to where you want to go.

Mentoring won’t make you hit your goals overnight but I’ll give you a path in the darkness. Together we’ll clear the fog of war, develop your strategy, up your XP and see you smash your targets. 

Apply for the two week marketing sprint, you won’t be disappointed.

Photo by Drew Dempsey on Unsplash

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