Your identity iceberg explained

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Your identity is made up of many things Not all of them can be seen on the surface This is how we all experience each other When we start out in business, these are the things we see and admire about others We see people’s actions, decisions and behaviours and we copy them, hoping they will bring us the same success But if you’ve ever done this, you know it doesn’t work. That’s because we’re missing what’s below the water These are what make you unique You are you because no one has the same combination of skills, beliefs, values and identity that you do The reason it feels weird to copy someone else is that you’re not being true to yourself Only by using your skills to act on your beliefs and values can you be true to your identity That’s when you’re at your best! What’s below creates what’s above If you want to chage your actions, decisions and behaviour, you have to start by changing what’s below the water Challenge your limiting beliefs Improve your skills Question the root of your values Choose to be who you want to be Or change your environment! Only you get to choose who you are When did Rihanna become Rihanna? When did Bowie become Ziggy Startdust? Was Zlatan born a lion? You get to decide who you are. Only when you choose to become who you want to be do you start acting like that person. Don’t be passive in your own life, choose it. Actions Decisions behaviour skills beliefs identity values environment

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