Are you ready
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Take your folio to the next level by booking a free folio review with Orwell met Vila’s Creative Director Orwell McGubbins

Take your folio to the next level by booking a free folio review
with Orwell met Vila’s Creative Director Orwell McGubbins

Every week Orwell met Vila host portfolio review sessions where you can get feedback that will help you improve your folio, get more projects or land your dream job. 

If you’re one of these, this opportunity is for you!

  • An experienced creative looking for more projects
  • A freelancer in your first years
  • A professional transitioning into a new phase of your creative career

Places are limited so book early to get some invaluable advice from professionals and boost your creative career.

Gain confidence in your folio

When you're confident about your work, it shows in your folio. We'll help you present your work with confidence!

Improve your presentation

We'll show you how to present the idea behind your projects and communicate your concepts clearly.

Learn how to talk about your projects

A great folio needs more than pretty pictures. We'll help you tell the story of your projects so you engage the viewer.

Make your life easier

We'll share insights and expertise we've built up over years that will help you skip a lot of pain and mistakes.

How does it work?

One to One review

A free one to one session with Orwell.

We’ll have a video call where you’ll receive an overview of your folio and we discuss ways you can improve.

We’ll review your key projects, give insights to improve your presentation and help you gain confidence talking about your work.

The session lasts around 45 minutes and you can ask all the burning questions you have. 

Who's reviewing your folio?

Orwell is the Creative Director of Orwell met Vila

He has spent his career designing for charities, schools and social businesses, supporting people to develop themselves and make the most of life. 

Clients include Médecins Sans Frontières, The United Nations and Partick Thistle (his favourite football team!).

As well as his role with OmV, Orwell mentors freelancers to develop their creative and business skills. He helps people make money doing what they love so they can create a happy life for themselves and the people in their communities.

He’s also a Rod Stewart fan.. please don’t hold it against him 😉

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